Year in review: Samples, scripts, tools

Some of the blogs that I’ve posted are tied to scripts posted to the PowerShell Gallery or tools published to GitHub (or sometimes a combination of the two).  In the case of the scripts, it’s fairly easy to see download counts, so here’s

  1. Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo.  Technically this one was around before this year (written while I was still in marketing), but it easily outpaces all others with 553,000 downloads since it was published.  And all it does is capture the hardware hash from WMI (and some other stuff, depending on the options you specify) and shoves it into a CSV file that can be used to add the device to Windows Autopilot.
  2. WindowsAutopilotIntune.  With over 28,000 downloads, there are a number of people working with the Intune Graph API and using this to help with the Windows Autopilot-specific functions.  (Eventually most of this module should go away with the functionality becoming part of the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module.)
  3. AutopilotHealthCheck. There have only been 188 downloads of this one, which checks to make sure your Autopilot devices are set up appropriately.  You can read more about it in the blog that I posted about it.
  4. UEFI.  This module lets you retrieve and set UEFI firmware variables.  Considering how much work it was, the fact there were only 158 downloads is rather depressing.  If you want to know more, read the blog about it
  5. WindowsAutopilotPartnerCenter.  This module is specifically for partners, enabling the use of the Partner Center PowerShell module to add devices to Windows Autopilot.  So the fact that there have only been 109 downloads of this one isn’t that surprising, but there should be more CSP partners that care about this.  Read up on it here
  6. Convert-WindowsAutopilotProfile.  This one is a little more niche:  It will translate an Autopilot JSON file back into something readable, including decoding the bitmap settings, most useful for troubleshooting.  So even though there have only been 102 downloads, I don’t care – I wrote this one for myself 🙂  See this blog for more details.
  7. DHCPClient.  This is the most recent, published last week tied to this Configuring time zones blog.  Given the number of people on vacation, 16 downloads is OK for something new.

Download counts aren’t really available for the GitHub projects, so I’ll just list those in my perceived order of popularity:

  1. WindowsAutopilotCompanion.  This is the Windows Autopilot white glove companion app, used to scan the QR code presented on the white glove landing screen to reconfigure the device (assign a user, name the device, edit the group tag) before doing the pre-provisioning process.
  2. AutopilotBranding. A PowerShell script bundled into an MSI file, for configuring Windows settings and defaults that aren’t easily configured via MDM directly.  See the blog (and its predecessor) for more on that.
  3. UpdateOS. Another PowerShell script embedded into an MSI, described in this blog.
  4. DHCPClient_TZ.  This is a utility program tied to #7 above. 

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