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Add a TPM to a VMware Fusion VM

As I noted in a previous blog post, Windows will now enforce the TPM 2.0 requirement for virtual machines with the latest Insider builds. Fortunately, VMware has documented how to do this with an existing VMWare Fusion 12 virtual machine.

First, you need to shut down your existing Windows VM (which may already be running an older Windows 11 version that didn’t enforce this). Then you can click “Add Device…”:

Then you can choose the TPM device:

But as soon as you select “Trusted Platform Module” you’ll see a warning that keeps you from proceeding:

OK, back to the main settings screen where you can select “Encyrption” to enable that:

After enabling that and setting a password, sit back and watch the progress bar as the virtual drive is encrypted. Then you can go back and add the device. There’s not much to see once you’ve added it:

After that, you’re ready to upgrade.

Of course this assumes that you originally used UEFI to set up your VM, you allocate enough RAM, etc.

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