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Initially, I started listening to podcasts for a way to relax during the daily commute.  Then that daily commute disappeared (permanently for me, but I suspect many others will eventually return to the rush hours of the past), so I started listening during my daily run.  Of course I started with tech-related podcasts, and over time that list has grown to the point where I guess I need to start doing longer runs to keep up.

The podcasts that I would put highest on my list are those that educate or at least keep me up to date about what’s going on in the industry:

  • The Vergecast.  This team of journalists never disappoints, covering the latest tech news and products across the entire industry.  Hosted by Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn, with frequent guests.
  • Windows Weekly.  One of the TWiT podcasts, with Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, and and Leo Laporte talking about the week’s happenings in the Microsoft world (expanding beyond just Windows).
  • Windows Central.  Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden enjoy technology – expect more technical details, reviews, hardware announcements, etc.
  • Tech News Briefing.  Want a quick overview of significant tech news from the day?  The Wall Street Journal’s podcast gives you that, in 15 minutes or less.
  • RunAs Radio.  This is a weekly podcast hosted by Richard Campbell, where he explores a specific tech topic with a guest expert, targeting 30 minutes or so.
  • The Hanselminutes Podcast.  This one is more dev (or at least dev ops) focused, and serves as a good reminder for me that in all my time focusing on IT there are lots of new developments in the dev space that I should probably catch up on.  (My “I should learn more about that” list seems to grow frequently as a result of this podcast.)

There is another group that stretches the boundary some, beyond “just tech” and also into business and politics. 

  • Pivot.  Hosted by Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway, you can expect smart analysis around the “bigger picture” issues that surround tech.
  • Decoder.  This one used to be Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher, but she has since left this one behind to start hosting Sway for the New York Times.  Now Nilay Patel from The Verge will take the helm.  New episodes are due soon.  If you’ve subscribed to Recode Decode, new episodes of Decoder should start showing up (soon?).

I supposed you could put this one into that category too:

  • The Week in Tech (TWiT).  Imagine a 2+ hour cable news show with a bunch of talking heads offering their take on the week’s tech news.  That’s what it feels like.  Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing.

Any other tech-related podcasts that you would recommend?  (I do expect to start doing my own again at some point – I got too busy in my old job as the number of people on the team dwindled, but I will pick it up again soon.)

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  1. Kind of tech related but one that is more focused about the people in tech and their daily lives is Just a Couple of Jerks.

    Hosted by Paul Winstanley, an MVP who chats to various Community Techs 😁


  2. Great list, Mike. Not sure I can agree with TWiT but it’s your list. Here’s a couple others that are mind broadening:

    Microsoft Mechanics – Technical overviews that cross the spectrum of the entire Microsoft ecosystem

    MJFchat – Mary Jo Foley’s 101 level discussions with technology luminaries on various topics to broaden people’s minds.

    And again, it’s our loss with your departure. I will sincerely miss your presence.


    • I forgot about MJFchat, perhaps I shut it out after Microsoft blocked me from doing a session. Putting that one back on my phone now 🙂 Mechanics does videos, which are hard to watch while running. And TWiT is easily at the bottom of my list, but there are times when I have nothing else to listen to…

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      • Yeah, I saw that you mentioned that in a reply to her on Twitter, which was interesting because I didn’t think there were any more such blocks in working with her out of PR. ChrisCap and others have done stuff with her on Windows Weekly as little as a year ago… I wonder what she screwed up to have that dropped on her. I wouldn’t know because while I’m a fan of MJFChat and have actually learned some stuff (the “Office 365 backup” episode for instance was interesting), I stopped listening to WW a long time ago. I guess it doesn’t matter now with your departure.