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Using Windows 10 2004 with MDT and installing updates during a task sequence?

There have been some reports from people who are creating their Windows 10 2004 image using MDT and running into an interesting issue:  The MDT ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script ends up skipping all the updates offered to the machine.  If you look at the BDD.LOG, you’ll see something like this:


But why is MDT skipping all the updates?  It’s because it thinks they are all tagged as “can request user input” and that would be bad during a task sequence that’s supposed to be fully automated, so it skips them.  Why does it think they “can request user input”?  That’s the real question here.  It turns out that the updates themselves don’t actually require user input, but due to the error handling in the script MDT is swallowing the error that is generated by the “CanRequestUserInput” check in the ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script:

If item.InstallationBehavior.CanRequestUserInput then
     bInstall = FALSE ‘ Do NOT install anything that can Request User Input!
End if

Since that generates an error and the script is continuing on error, it sets the bInstall variable to FALSE, or “SKIP.”  If you run into this, you can work around the issue by commenting out the “bInstall = FALSE” line or all three lines in the ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf script, based on your preference.  (Few updates require user input, but if by chance one comes through, it could cause issues.)

The Windows Update team is working on the underlying issue, so with any luck this won’t be an issue for long.  Thanks to those that reported the issue (and of course to the Windows Update team that got to the bottom of the issue).

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  1. So when you say the WU team is looking at this I’m guessing the fix will be implemented on their side? Or will this mean an update to MDT for us?