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Deploying Edge without a desktop shortcut, the easiest way

First, I described a messy way to get rid of the Edge (the Chromium-based one) desktop shortcut.  That led to some Twitter discussions with the Edge team, resulting in a new MSI command line parameter that I blogged about separately, and a promise to later add a Group Policy setting to turn it off more easily.  As Scott Breen pointed out to me this weekend, that policy is now available; documentation can be found at

Since this policy doesn’t yet exist in Intune and I’m impatient, I added it to the Autopilot Branding script:


That works in my case (I tested it) but it might be possible for the policy to be applied after Edge installs (as there’s no way to set up a dependency between the Edge app and another Win32 app, e.g. Autopilot Branding, in Intune), so it may not be a 100% solution.  If it doesn’t work reliably for you, you can always set up a custom ADMX-backed policy (a messy process, but it works fine).

And here’s the end result:


Now if we could just get Teams to not create an icon on the desktop we’d be golden.  There are a few Teams uservoice items for this, so please submit your votes:

At the moment, the first one in the list has the most votes, so I added mine there.

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  1. Hi Michael!
    This seems to now be part of the Administrative Templates configuration profile.

    Under Computer Configuration -> Microsoft Edge Update -> Applications, and the setting to “Prevent the Desktop shortcut upon install default” setting is there.

    Not sure when it appeared, but glad they are making these changes quickly! And I agree with you whole heartedly on the Teams shortcut…