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More Autopilot ESP information

I published a script last week that I talked about in a previous blog which would dump out information from the registry to tell you what happened during a Windows Autopilot deployment, as tracked by the enrollment status page.  You can read that post here.

I’ve now published version 2.0 of that script which has a new “-online” parameter which adds the ability to look up the names of the apps (for MSIs and Win32 apps) and the certificate requests using the Intune Graph API.  So if you aren’t sure what the apps are, this should help.  Here’s an example:


It won’t retrieve the name of any UWP apps that you are deploying because there’s no simple way to map the local app name to the Intune app, but at least those apps are a little more obvious (e.g. Microsoft.NetworkSpeedTest in my example output above).  There’s also no simple way to map back to the specific Office 365 ProPlus app, but that shouldn’t typically be an issue because most people will only have one of these targeted anyway.  But MSIs, Win32 apps, and certificate requests are easy enough to look up. 

The mechanism I am using graphs a full list of all apps and policies, so don’t be surprised if it takes a while when you have a bunch of these.  The script will also install the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module if it isn’t already installed, since that’s needed to talk to the Intune Graph API.

I also added some additional error handling in case there is a policy that is being tracked that hasn’t been received by the device (as Intune might not have sent that yet).  This should avoid unhandled errors.  I also changed the status mapping for Win32 apps as I believe status “2” means that the installation is still in progress.

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