Year in review: Random blog statistics

With my blog hosted through WordPress.com, there are all sorts of analytics available to tell me the blogs I’ve posted and the people that are reading them.  Here are some interesting tidbits from those analytics.

All total, the blogs I posted in 2019 include over 51,000 words.  Not including images, that would be the equivalent of a 102-page book (averaging 500 words per page).  With images, it would likely be 150-200 pages.

Twitter drives the most traffic to the site, with about 42% of the views.  Search engines are next, with 27% of the traffic.  Linkedin drives 10%, Facebook 7%, the WordPress app 6%, Google News 2%.  Everything else (other websites, blogs, etc.) accounts for 7%.


If you’re a Bing fan, the search traffic will depress you, with 85% coming from Google, 15% from Bing, and less than 0.1% from anything else (rounding error from Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo).

There were people from 159 different countries reading the blog, with the USA leading with 25% of the total views.  The United Kingdom had 11%, the Netherlands about 8%, Germany 7%, Australia 5%, Sweden 5%, Canada 4%, France 4%, Norway 3%, Denmark 3%, Switzerland 3%, and India 3%.  All other countries were 2% or less.


Based on the reading habits across the year, WordPress says I should post blogs at 6am on Wednesday mornings in order to get the best results – apparently people on Twitter (where a good percentage of the traffic comes from) are most likely going to see new posts if I post them at 6am on Wednesday morning.  So I guess by that time of the week you’ve started spending more time on social media rather than working 🙂

On to 2020…

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