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Updated WindowsAutopilotPartnerCenter module posted

If you are a CSP partner looking to add devices on behalf of your customers using the Partner Center APIs (you can read my original blog on the topic), you may have noticed that version 1.0 of the WindowsAutopilotPartnerCenter module no longer worked with the latest PartnerCenter module, due to changes made to the authentication method used with Partner Center (which now requires MFA).  Version 1.1 has now been published.  The script behavior is still the same as what I had previously described – the only difference is how it authenticates.  When you run the “Connect-AutopilotPartnerCenter” cmdlet, it will open a browser window for you to sign on; after you complete that sign-on process (including the MFA prompt), you can then run “Import-AutopilotPartnerCSV” to import new devices.  As before, it uses various cmdlets from the PartnerCenter module to do the real work.

You can also perform queries, such as looking at all the devices in a batch (which really means “all devices imported with a particular group tag”):


Remember that Partner Center allows importing devices using a variety of valid combinations, of fields, as you can find in the Partner Center API documentation:

Most of the time, you would want to specify either the PKID (ProductKey) and the SerialNumber (not required, but it certainly helps the IT person identify the device), or the SerialNumber + OemManufacturerName\ + ModelName (also called the “tuple”).  Regardless of what you specify, those values are used to look up the device to find its hardware hash, since Windows Autopilot works off of that hardware hash.  (If you as a CSP partner are registering new devices using the hardware hash, which requires booting up the machine, you’re probably doing something wrong.  That should be a last resort.)

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