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Now choose from more language/locale choices for Windows Autopilot self-deploying mode

Several people pointed out in the past when setting up Windows Autopilot self-deploying mode profiles (used for kiosks, digital signs, and shared PCs) in Intune that the list of language and locale combinations was, well, very incomplete.  The drop-down list included the “core” language/locale combinations for each language pack (e.g. “en-us” and “en-gb”) but not the additional locales supported via those same language packs.  So for those of you in places like Australia (“en-au”), New Zealand (“en-nz”), Canada (“en-ca”), Ireland (“en-ir”), Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, and many other places were kind of stuck choosing the “wrong” value, e.g. “English (United Kingdom),” and living with the settings or manually changing the settings later.  (For a couple of customers, we provided a PowerShell script to work around this by directly setting the right value, e.g. “en-nz”, using the Graph API.)

But now you’ll see a very substantial list of values in the UI:


So problem solved.  (I know a few of you offered to send beer if we could get this added, but that’s entirely unnecessary – first, because it took us so long to finish this, and second, because I don’t drink beer or any other kind of alcohol.)

Now, we need to move on to the next challenge: being able to preconfigure the language in other scenarios.  (Got suggestions on other things we need to do?  Add them via

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