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Which Intune portal do you use?

Update 2020/07/08: The portal should now be accessed via This site is identical to the previous one, just with a new URL.

That might seem like an odd question, but there are actually multiple portals that you can use to manage Intune.  As I’ve worked with customers who are implementing Intune, it seems most still use the entry point.  (Those “old-school” admins remember the original Silverlight portal, which fortunately is now retired.)  The biggest challenge with the Azure Portal entry point is that you really don’t care about 90% of the stuff in that portal (unless you also happen to administer all of your organization’s Azure service usage).


To provide a more focused experience for Intune admins, a new Device Management portal (also referred to as the Device Management Admin Console, or DMAC) was created at  It focuses on Intune and Azure Active Directory, and therefore has a much cleaner look and feel.


For people that perform other roles, there are two other focused portals of interest.  The portal focuses on billing and licensing, along with some high-level user and group management functionality. 


The portal (which ends up redirecting to an Office 365 page) focuses on what security and risk management people care about.  From reading the blog about the introduction of this site, it appears this one is still a work in progress, as it doesn’t look like what’s described in the blog.  (The blog does say that this would be rolled out gradually, finishing up world-wide in March, but it appears that was delayed.)


And lastly, at the same time the security portal was introduced, the portal was created as well, and it too appears to be a work in progress, as it redirects to the same page as the security portal.

There is one other portal for Intune too that is worth mentioning:  For education customers, you can use to get a simplified, education-focused view of all the Intune functionality.


So, take your pick:

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