Self-serving post: Follow my blog from Outlook

If you are like me, you live and breathe through Outlook – it’s the center of my work world, enabling me to rapidly sift through obscene amounts of e-mail effectively.  (You might disagree if you are one of the people who has e-mailed me and awaited a reply – my general rule is that if I can reply within a minute or two I will do so right away, but if it looks like it would take longer then the e-mail may get put on the “For follow up” pile, which is always way too big.)

But did you know Outlook could follow RSS feeds, putting them into a folder in Outlook?  To set that up, you can follow these instructions.  The quick summary:

  1. Right click on the “RSS Feeds” folder and choose “Add a new RSS feed.”
  2. Specify the URL:  https://oofhours.com/feed/

Presto, all the posts will show up reasonably quickly.

There are other ways to follow too, such as the WordPress.com site or WordPress app, or any other app that lets you follow RSS feeds.  Take your pick.

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  1. Yeah! This is my way to stay on top of all the blogs as well. Any recommendations for Intune bloggers? Already following PetervdWoude, Olivier Kieselbach, ConfigMgr and TechCommunity