Azure Active Directory

Configuring company branding in Azure AD

As you may know, Windows Autopilot leverages Azure AD company branding to show custom logos and text during the Azure AD authentication/join process.  I described how this company branding information was used in a blog from 2017:

Branding 1
Branding 2

And I mentioned that there are three image layouts that you need to use for this:

  • A square logo, 240 pixels by 240 pixels, PNG or JPG, 10KB or smaller.
  • A banner logo, 280 pixels by 60 pixels, PNG or JPG, 10KB or smaller.
  • A background image, 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, PNG or JPG, 300KB or smaller.

To help out with this, I’ve attached the logos that I use for my “Contoso” sites to this blog post (see below).  If you’re really lazy, you can use these as-is, but otherwise, you can edit them in your favorite paint program (and if necessary, use Paint.NET or Gimp to shrink the files through the use of a more limited color pallet).

A few additional notes:

  • Windows Autopilot doesn’t use the large background image.  That’s used in AAD sign-in web pages (although if you’re using ADFS, I believe all of the images on the ADFS web page come from somewhere other than AAD, e.g. they’re part of the ADFS configuration).
  • Windows Autopilot (still) accidentally uses the banner logo (which is rectangular) in the self-deploying scenario.  But it scales it into a smaller rectangle, so it will look squished.  (Sorry.  One of these days, we’ll get that fixed.)
  • If you don’t configure the logos, Windows Autopilot will still work, but won’t show a logo – except for the self-deploying mode where it will fail with an OOBEIDPS “Something went wrong” screen.  (We’ll fix that one of these days too.)
  • You can also specify a background color code.  For example, #008000 gives you green (see Bing for sites that help with this):

Attachment: Contoso