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“Something went wrong”: An Autopilot + AAD + Intune reliability retrospective

I’m sure it would come as no surprise to anyone that the #1 troubleshooting step when you see an error message is to search for it via Google or whatever other search engine you prefer. There’s one particular error that seems to point people toward my blog post titled “Something went wrong” with OOBEADV10. As a result, hits on this particular post spike any time there are issues, so this becomes a proxy to the overall reliability of the service.

In this case, the service in question really isn’t Windows Autopilot — it’s really a combination of Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Intune, and Azure AD. But there’s no question that from late 2021 into late 2022 there were some reliability challenges where this error was seen more often. Here’s a look at the relative stats for this blog post month-by-month:

So things started to get worse in late 2021, with some particularly bad months in March and September 2022. With any luck, the worst is behind us, with fairly good results from October 2022 through the present. Let’s hope I don’t jinx that…

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  1. There are definitely days when the service is faster than others, but I’ve not witnessed anything overly unreliable myself. Granted I am only testing AutoPilot at the moment, so who knows what we’ll find when we make the cut-over from SCCM.