So long, and thanks for the Coke Zero

It might be a corny take on the Douglas Adams book title and quote, but there is a point to it.  Friday was my last day working for Microsoft.  In these odd Covid-19 days, that mean driving into the office, dropping off my computers, company cards, IDs, etc., sending a picture of it all to prove that it’s done, and then walking out the door, locking all that stuff in the office behind me.

But on the way out, I had to grab one more Coke Zero from the office.


Certainly there are many more things, and people, that I appreciated at Microsoft beyond the endless supply of free soft drinks.  It was a great 16+ year run.  I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off to relax before starting a new job; more details on that at a later date.  It’s safe to say that it will still be in the OS deployment and management space.

Thanks to all the people that have helped me out over the years, both within Microsoft and outside of Microsoft.  I am sure our paths will continue to cross for years to come.  I will continue blogging on this website about Windows deployment, provisioning, and management topics, but do expect additional stuff to be added into the mix in the coming months.  I expect to remain active on social media as well.

As always, feel free to contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or e-mail at any time.

For those of you interested in Windows Autopilot, I would suggest joining the Autopilot AMA scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9am PST where you can interact with the rest of the team.  I won’t be there answering questions (for obvious reasons) but the rest of the team will be.

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  1. Hi Michael, congrats on the new step, 6 years has gone since when I left MS and I can certainly say that there’s life after MS, after all the support I got from you and your team on deployment issues when I was in MCS I’m sure you will be missed a lot. Hopefully you will stay in the deployment community, can’t wait to see what’s next.


  2. Fair winds and following seas, Michael! Taking comfort that you are not hard to find when we need you!


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your work and annual presentations at Ignite. You ARE Microsoft so it’s really weirs seeing you go. Good luck in your new venture, not that you will need it with your knowledge and talent. Microsoft really messed up letting you go!


  4. Best wishes Mike! I know you will do well in your next endeavor!! Congratulations from a former Mother Marathon employee. 🙂


  5. It was a pleasure working with you Michael over the years. I really enjoyed attending your sessions at TechReady and MMS. You will be missed around here.