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Windows 10 Enterprise 2004 is available

You probably saw the announcements:

And yes, it’s available on VLSC as well, pre-patched to include the May cumulative update (and that will be updated every month):


As noted in the “what’s new” post, there are some Windows Autopilot enhancements in this release:

Windows Autopilot. Procure devices and have them delivered directly to the end user and provisioned from the cloud. Windows Autopilot has been available since Windows 10, version 1703 (with the 7D update) and with each new version of Windows 10 we add new, requested features. Today we’re adding the ability to:

  • Configure user-driven Hybrid Azure AD Join with VPN support. This support has been backported to Windows 10, versions 1909 and 1903.
  • Configure language settings in the Windows Autopilot profile so that the out-of-box experience (OOBE) will skip the language, locale, and keyboard pages when the device is connected to ethernet.

The VPN support for Hybrid Azure AD Join requires some support from Intune, which is coming soon.  The ability to specify language, locale, and keyboard settings has been available in Intune for a while, but that has no effect until you use Windows 10 2004, so try it out.

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    • CSP subscriptions generally don’t include media or reimaging rights, so you’d be directed to OEM or consumer locations to reload the device with a Windows 10 Pro image.


  1. Hi Michael!
    Great blog!

    A little question about the language, locale and keyboard settings, when will it be available? I just tested it on a Win 10 2004 and Intune 2005, and the regional pages are not displayed, but the regional settings are not set.



      • After some more testing I noticed that only the keyboard locale fails to be changed, regional setting is correct. I have tested with swedish and finnish region settings and “Automatically configure keyboard” is set to Yes.


  2. Hi Michael,
    We have been anxiously awaiting the “Skip Domain Connectivity Check” public preview and it now appears to have been released with the 2006 Service release. However, upon changing the setting to “Yes” and saving the profile, it is immediately reverted to “No”. We have seen this behavior for both our existing profiles as well as a newly created profile. We have reached out to support and their response was “its still in development and not released”.

    Should we now be able to enable this feature, or is the presence of the setting in the UI just placeholder to show us that its coming? (as suggested by premiere support)