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Now you can edit group tags and computer names for Windows Autopilot devices

It’s something that we’ve talked about for a while, and it’s now available.  If you navigate to an existing Windows Autopilot device in the Intune device management portal, you can edit the device to set the group tag and computer name values:


Since the Intune portal is built on top of the Graph API, that also means that these values can be modified via PowerShell or other external means too.  To help with that, I’ve published a new version of the WindowsAutopilotIntune module, which has a new Set-AutopilotDevice cmdlet that can set all of the values available on a Windows Autopilot device:


Note that after changing the device (computer) name, you won’t see the new value right away in Intune, at least until you initiate a sync (or wait up to 12 hours for the next one to occur).  The value has been set in the Windows Autopilot service, so it will take effect right away.  (If you used the previously-available Set-AutopilotDeviceAssignedUser cmdlet, it’s been removed from the module now that this more-capable method is available.)

There’s one more task that I still need to work on related to this:  Updating the Windows Autopilot white glove companion app.  That will take a couple of days, so stay tuned for that one.

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    • It changes the name for the device as long as that name is set before the device has been deployed. (That’s when the Autopilot setting is used.) It has no effect on an already-deployed/already-running device.


  1. The Group Tag editing is a welcome addition, thanks. Looking at the Autopilot table there is also a ‘Purchase Order ID’ field. How does that get populated/edited?


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