Microsoft Intune

What’s new with the WindowsAutopilotIntune PowerShell module

Some of you have noticed that the WindowsAutopilotIntune module is working differently than it did before, mainly due to the Connect-AutopilotIntune cmdlet disappearing from the module.  There’s a good reason for that:  The module had previously used its own authentication logic, which then meant that you needed to authenticate twice if you wanted to do some stuff with Windows Autopilot and other stuff with the broader Intune Graph API classes.  So, with this new release, the WindowsAutopilotIntune module is now built on top of the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module.  That means you now need to authenticate using the Connect-MSGraph cmdlet.  If you execute that without any command line parameters, this is what you’ll see:


So you can choose the account you want, authenticate, and then use that to interact as required:


You’ll also notice that there are some additional cmdlets now, integrating the additional cmdlets that Damien Van Robaeys authored and published to GitHub (also modifying those to use the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module at the same time).  I haven’t done any extensive testing of those, so try them out and let me know if you see any issues.

So with these cmdlets and the use of Microsoft.Graph.Intune, you can now do things like this, while authenticating only once:


While the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module does have some Azure AD cmdlets related to group management, you might still need to use the AzureAD module to get additional information from Azure AD, and that will still require authenticating again.  But I suspect that’s a little more rare.

Note that the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module supports app-based authentication too, so now the Autopilot cmdlets do as well.

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