Microsoft Intune

Windows Autopilot at Microsoft Ignite

Next week will be a busy week, with a significant portion of the Windows Autopilot program management team attending.  There are a few Windows Autopilot sessions planned.  First let me plug the sessions that I’ll be presenting in:

There will also be two interactive sessions (I will likely be at them for part of the time for each) for roundtable discussions on Windows Autopilot and related topics.  (I expect there to be a number of discussions held simultaneously, so you can bounce around to different tables.)  If you are presently using Windows Autopilot and want to provide feedback on your experiences to the team that will be attending, please sign up for these small sessions:

Seats are limited for these, and they haven’t yet filled up, so you might want to hurry on these.

There are also a few other sessions that I would recommend:

Almost all of these sessions will be streamed live as well as recorded for later viewing, so if you aren’t attending in person you can still watch the presentations.  If you are attending, hopefully I’ll see you there.

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