Windows 10

Event Viewer and “Saved Logs”

If you are like me and open lots of saved event log files (*.evtx), such as those captured by the “mdmdiagnosticstool.exe -area Autopilot -cab c:\” command, you probably end up with an Event Viewer window that looks something like this:


Always opening, never closing (which you can do by right-clicking and choosing “Delete”).  Fortunately, there’s a KB article that tells you how to clean this up:

Simple process:

  • Close all Event Viewer processes.
  • Delete all the files from “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Event Viewer\ExternalLogs”.
  • Start up Event Viewer and see they are gone.

Yes, this is a self-serving post to save me the trouble of finding this the next time I need to do this 🙂

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    • Well, there are mechanisms planned for collecting logs remotely, and eventually, to analyze them programmatically. But they have to be completely useful and decipherable first, and that takes human analysis still 🙂


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